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Piping Rock

Piping Rock Review


Natural products are a big thing in our home, however it’s always a balance between doing our best to stretch your dollars and get the best products I can for them money.  I purchase a lot of our products online because it’s just a better value.  I came across Piping Rock and was completely overjoyed at the chance to review their items because their prices are awesome and I was wondering if the quality was the same.

Fall is just around the corner and that means school is now in session and tons of germs so I stocked up on gummy vitamins for my daughter and my husband, because ya know I am always stealing her gummy vitamins so I thought “Why not get some for us!”  My daughter loves them and she thinks they are fruit snacks and we love them because it’s now much more tastier taking our vitamins so we find we remember to take them more often.  ;-)

Piping Rock also has a great selection of coconut oil!!  I love it because my family would say I am obsessed with Coconut Oil.  Coconut oil has so many uses from cooking to amazing benefits for your skin to even helping keep my hair soft with less split ends.  I love it and I was amazed at how good the Piping Rock brand Coconut oil is.  When you open it up it smells like I’m on an island and you can tell it’s super high quality by the texture and smell.  Piping Rock has large tubs of it priced for lower than I have seen at discount stores and theirs is organic.

I also tried out the Lavender Essential oils, soap and Melatonin with the same results.  All items were top notch quality and I will definitely be using them for my next online purchase of organic and natural products.  You get FREE shipping on any order over $40 and right now you can get an extra 4% cash back when you go through


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