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Walmart Matching Black Friday Prices on Week Early! – Sea of Savings

Walmart matching Black Friday prices

There is MORE BIG NEWS for Black Friday this year!!

Walmart will be Matching Black Friday Prices from other stores 1 week early which means you can bet I will be posting ALL THESE deals here on Sea of Savings! These should be available online (like previous years) so get ready!!  You all are going to be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving this year!! :-)

Starting this Friday, November 21 at 8AM you will be able to score select Black Friday Deals at Walmart (yes, I will be posting these deals here when they go live).  

To make sure you don’t miss anything I would recommend joining our Black Friday Group here. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what they will be matching or beating in price 1 week early:

I will update all of you as more info comes out! so stay tuned!!

Also, don’t forget…I will be staying up all night long on Black Friday (starting Thursday evening) and posting AMAZING deals…most of the time, even better than the stores…so be READY!!! I will also be giving away Amazon gift cards. So, I highly recommend staying home and hanging out with me, where you can get the same deals! ;-)

Christmas Deals


Thanks, I heart the Mart! 

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