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Amazon $4 or LESS Jewelry Roundup! – Sea of Savings


Below you’ll find 10 Amazon jewelry deals that you can snag for $4 or LESS (that includes shipping)! With that said, these great prices can go back up at anytime so if you see something you like, make sure you snag it while the price is low!

Alloy Necklace N027 $3.99 shipped

925 Sliver Rhinestones Necklace N005 $3.99 shipped

925 Sliver Rhinestones Necklace N030 $3.99 shipped

Alloy Star Necklace N012 $3.99 shipped

Vintage Owl Pendant Chain Necklace $2.96 shipped

925 Sliver Rhinestones Necklace N029 $3.99 shipped

Gold Plated Double Pearl Earrings $2.48 shipped

Stainless Steel Square Hoop Earrings (Gold) $2.74 shipped

Golden Butterfly Bowknot Rhinestone Earrings $2.84 shipped

Gold Plated Heart Shaped Cystral Earrings $3 shipped

Prices on Amazon can change at any time. Make sure to check the price before checking out!

Thanks, Couponing for Freebies!

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