Frequently Asked Questions!


What is Sea of Savings?

Sea of Savings is a coupons/deals and savings blog started by Chrystal Turner in 2010. The website is all about helping others save money and live within your means without feeling like you have go without. Living well doesn’t have to be expensive is what I truly believe.  The website has grown so much and I am so appreciative to all of my readers who spread the word, have fun and most of all live well !!! 🙂

Please check out the New here? section for more information about the website.


Got a question?

Leave a comment under the post or join our Sea of Savings Facebook page and ask,  there is always a helpful person willing to help.


I’m new…where do I start?

You can start by reading the homepage frequently throughout the day – new deals, freebies and income opportunities are posted all the time. Subscribe to the free email service for daily updates on the latest freebies and deals I have posted.  You’re sure to never miss a thing.


Are the deals posted by Sea of Savings legitimate?

Yes, I spend a lot of time checking out deals since there are plenty of scams and offers that are not really an offer. I personally test out the deals before posting it and will order a freebie or complete a survey to ensure that the offer is indeed for real.


Is there a place I can trade coupons with others ? 

The Sea of Savings Facebook page is also called the trading post 🙂 Feel FREE to leave a comment on the wall letting us know what your looking for, willing to trade or if you yourself have an awesome deal to share.  We are all one BIG community and welcome anyone new.