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30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas (Day 21)! – Sea of Savings

30 Ways to Earn Cash For Christmas

I am continuing my series on 30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas.  If you missed out on the previous posts you can go back and read them here.

Want to make a quick $5??!  Fiverr is a website where people will post random jobs and do each for $5. If you have a talent or just want to offer your services to do something crazy for $5 you may just have a nice steady stream of income going.

You can do anything from

– Design a Logo;
– Compose a Poem;
– Draw a funny personalized cartoon
– Record yourself stating the name of the buyer’s company

You do not even need a special talent but if you have a skill or anything unique you can offer your services to others as a definite good way to bring in extra money.  It has become pretty popular in the past year or so and even many bloggers use this as a way to get extra projects done.

If you are looking to start offering your services on Fiverr, here are a few tips to get you started on the right path.

1. Be polite. This is very important since polite sellers get good reviews and no one is going to buy your service again.

2.Be personalized. Why would someone buy your same ebook twice? If you can make it personalized to your buyer it might take more time for your gigs but you drastically increase the odds of having repeats customers.

3. Ask for Reviews: Reviews are everything and people do not want to risk buying your services without a review.You may want to add an extra service to get your first customers so they will write good reviews you’ll get some more business.

Do any of you have experiences with Fiverr?  If so I would love to hear your stories.  I have used Fiverr to do a few tweaks to Sea of Savings and I had a wonderful experience and will use it again. :-)

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