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30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas (Day 20)! – Sea of Savings

30 Ways to Earn Cash For Christmas

I am continuing my series on 30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas.  If you missed out on the previous posts you can go back and read them here.

If you are a crafty person and like to spend time making crafts selling these items on Etsy could be something that you could use to make extra money for Christmas or just loosen the strings in your wallet.    You can sell anything from homemade sweaters to home organizational printables you have created on your computer.  People are looking for unique items and one of a kinds which is why Etsy has really taken off in recent years.

The great thing about selling items on Etsy you get back what you put into it, if you have only a small amount of time to put into making your items and putting them online you will make a little extra money but if you are like some who really get into it, it really can turn into a full time income.  Handmadeology offers a very in depth look at selling and offer top 10 tips for selling on Etsy!

Have any of you sold items on Etsy?  I would love to hear your experiences.

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Be sure to check out the latest freebies and printable coupons!


Be sure to check out the latest freebies and printable coupons as they are updated each day. And if your shopping online we now have a Online Coupons Code page that has any coupon code you need :-)
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  • Caitlin Seida says

    I actually just hit my first milestone – my very first etsy sale after a solid two weeks of seriously crafting. I haven’t had a sale since, but I’m hopeful. It will come in time as I continue to get better about marketing and whatnot.

    • Chrystal says

      That is awesome Caitlin! I was the same way when I started Sea of Savings. I was soooo super excited when I hit 10 followers on Facebook Keep chugging along girl. Anything worth having takes work
      Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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