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30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas! (Day 17) – Sea of Savings

30 Ways to Earn Cash For Christmas

I am continuing my series on 30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas.  If you missed out on the previous posts you can go back and read them here.

If you love animals there’s a growing demand for pet services, even if you have a full time time this could be something you do on the weekends or maybe stop by and check up on pets once you are off of work.  We use a pet sitter while we are away because it’s much less hassle and time then taking our cats to boarding and it’s less expensive to boot.  This is why many people have started to take this path while away and why this has become a booming business recently.

For example, if you work full time, advertise that your dog-sitting services are available on the weekends only. Caring for 2-4 pets per month could earn you can extra $120-$240!  You could also advertise your services by making up fliers and some business cards from Vistaprint.  You could also register yourself on or   If you choose this as a full time option most people earn on average of $20,000 during their first year.

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  • Cee Pollyanna says

    What an incredible idea! This is so much cheaper for people than a kennel…and healthier/less stressful What a great idea for a JOB, too and you’re RIGHT….this works around people’s schedules Yay!

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