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As promised this morning on the Sea of Savings Facebook page I am giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to one lucky reader!! :-)

This is a simple entry just comment below and tell me what your plans are for the weekend!  The winner will be announced tomorrow morning! Good Luck ♥♥

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  • Alice says

    You want the comments here, Chrystal? I didn’t see a post like this on fb. I have big, big plans for the weekend! Take every single thing off of the counter top and scour it! And I’m washing all the drapes and curtains! Wooohooo there is some fun for ya! lol

  • Chelsea Leipard says

    My plans for this weekend is a girls day at the winery with all my girl friends!

  • Kirsten says

    Spending it with my husband relaxing around the house.

  • Diane Hogue says

    Chrystal my plans this weekend are helping out with grandchildren and taking them out for miniature golfing.

  • Christina Berry says

    Taking the kiddos to Carowinds before they start school next week!

  • Candace says

    Children learn more from what you are than what you teach…. So live your life such that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you. !!! After all, it’s not important what you leave to your children; it’s what you leave in your children…. With that; we’re off camping. Spending quality time with our littles! So, I hope if I win, I won’t have to claim it within 10 minutes, because we are disconnected until Monday morning! Make this weekend unforgettable!

  • Jessica says

    This weekend my fiance and I are going to have our much needed 2nd date night since our youngest was born. He is now 2. We also have a 5 year old so you can see why we need to do more date nights LOL.. So this would be an awesome bonus!

  • Shana says

    Today we have football practice, Saturday we have the first football games of the season 1, 3, and 5 then it’s movie night and cleaning on Sunday

  • Misty says

    I took the weekend off of work. Going to hang out with the family, before the kids go back to school next week. Probably go to the woods. Take walks. Play some games. Might even hit the pool. Just a stress free, relaxing weekend.

  • Neko Yajaira Sam says

    My planes are to go to the beach with my family and have fun this week! Also well be going to the hospital to see how my best friend is she is having her first baby soon a boy!!

  • DONNA says

    My plans are to spend time with family and friends,and enjoy the wonderful weather while it`s here. And I will also be watching your posts for some great deals. Thank you very much!

  • tina young says

    we are planning a surprise welcome home party for my son and fiance tomorrow. They are moving from Ohio to Arizona. Will be here around 6pm super excited can’t wait.:)

  • suzanne blythe says

    Not sure If I’ll do anything, my Son just left for College!

  • Carrie Ostergard says

    Weekend plans are packing to move… then Sunday the kids are going to the circus with grandma.

  • Courtney Crawford says

    Family time:) My hubany and I get to go to the gym together on the weekends, grocery shop and do lawn work. Maybe not very exciting but as long as we’re together, it’s a good weekend. I think we’re going to create an obstacle course for our boys too:)

  • kate strain says

    We are going to Diggerland where our son can play with dirt and construction toys!!!

  • Jen says

    I’m working this weekend.

  • Angie Meholensky says


  • Jim Kottke says

    Watch pre-season football on Saturday and NASCAR race on Sunday. Otherwise, catch up on contests and recipes found on internet.

  • Gina Glass says

    I am making breakfast home made blueberry pancakes, for my daughter and Son in law, as my daughter gave birth to their Twins sons prematurely at weeks, and have been dealing with alot and need a break

  • Leslie Santamaria says

    My husband and I are going to antique shops on Saturday and then our teenage daughter is getting baptized in the river Sunday afternoon !

  • Carmen McCauley says

    We are taking the kids to a drive through Safari zoo this weekend. Supposed to be great weather!!

  • Annette Edwards says

    Nothing special planned, just home chores, in & out for Sat. & watching NASCAR race on Sun. along with more home chores… there’s always chores to get done! Would love to win this, hubby & I share same birthday which is next week & also have wedding anniversary the following week so this would be a great gift surprise!! Thanks for the chance Chrystal

  • April Norton says

    Hi! My plans for the weekend are, going to the races Saturday night. I will also be canning marinara, diced tomatoes and salsa. Have to get all the canning in I can before it’s time to start school again.

  • Jordan Solomon says

    Our local drive in theater is showing one last film before it closes the gates. We are taking our family for one last drive in movie together!

  • shannon genrich says

    I have tk work tonight and Sunday, hubby works tomorrow. I guess we will have family night tomorrow and play board games and watch movies.

  • Diana W. says

    I am spending lots of time with my family this weekend! We are going out to eat (mommy needs a meal out), visiting the Tractor Museum and the University Dairy Store, running a few errands, attending our local Party in the Parks event, having our family pictures taken (so excited!), and attending a surprise party for a dear friend! It’s going to be a busy but very fun weekend! I just hope I can keep up with my three-year-old and 15-month-old!

  • Michelle Jones says

    I am spending the weekend with my family. My parents, siblings and the five of my crew are all just spending the weekend together doing whatever it is we find to do. Might get to read a book, might go to the local farmers markets, who know but all I know is it will be with family which is what really matters to me.

  • terri says

    My husband and sons are working this weekend:( Unfortunately, I will be doing yard work, but that’s okay because I actually enjoy it.

  • Colleen Boudreau says

    I don’t have any plans this weekend.

  • melinda says

    No big plans this weekend as my boys have colds.

  • ana p says

    I am doing back to school shopping this weekend. Could use an extra $20 to treat myself too!

  • Erin Laughlin says

    We plan to celebrate my 9 year olds birthday! Should be fun!

  • Michaela K says

    This is our last camping weekend before school starts Monday for my kiddos. It’s the last WhooRa of Summer, kind of sad it’s ending already for us. We’re gonna burn some marshmallows and make some messy s’mores. LOL!!!!

  • Tina Jones says

    My plans this weekend is to spend the day with my mom. We are going to get breakfast and then going to a baseball game. Then i am going to spend time with my dad and sister. Family time is the best time.

  • HS says

    We’re visiting local zoo this weekend.

  • Pamela F says

    Attending our 2-year-old granddaughter’s birthday party – can’t wait!

  • Bernadine desevilla says

    Disneyland! We’re taking a trip to Disneyland.

  • Therese says

    I’m having a long-awaited date night with my husband! We’re going to see Hank Williams Jr. in concert while the kiddos are with a babysitter. Woot!

  • Martha says

    I’m getting caught up with work while the DH takes the DCs camping.

  • Emily Adams says

    I am planning on taking my daughter school shopping and then we are going to visit my mom in the hospital.

  • Tabathia says

    I plan on doing a big clean up before school starts and getting school supplies together. tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • abbie guerrero says

    I am on vacation in California so my Uncle is coming by in the morning and we are going to the Santa Maria Speedway with my cousins tomorrow night!

  • Misty Her says

    I love Amazon and order from them all the time!

  • lisa says

    Plans for the weekend include finishing up spring cleaning (up this weekend: cleaning pillows, sheets, drapes, etc). We’re also hitting the movies (rerun of Winter Solider) at the cheap-o theater. Otherwise, just enjoying the rest of summer before school starts

  • Brittany says

    Getting my lot ready for my house to be built

  • e michelle says

    my big plans are to make sure everyone has thier things together for the first day of school! and putting together outfits for the week for the kids!

  • Dagmara says

    I am planning to spend the day with my family

    • Dagmara says

      I am planning to spend the day with my family

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