Sea of Savings


  • Cee Pollyanna says

    Well, for whatever reason(s), the registration process isn’t working on this site. Has anyone else reported problems with it?? Cee

  • Carrie says

    Yes I just reported a problem with it as well. It states I already have an account, but when I try to enter something in it will not let me stating that I do not have an account. I sent them an email so we will see.

  • Brian says

    Signed up for it,but there is an error so I can complete the first survey.

    • Chrystal says

      Hi Brian
      You can try again in a little bit…their site may be having issues right now. Good Luck

  • Mindy says

    I am already a panelist for them. Do you know how I can get in on this?!

    • Chrystal says

      Be sure your profile states you have children and also keep an eye out on your emails, this is where they will notify you.

  • Jessica says

    My profile states I have children and I still haven’t been able to get this.

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