Earning Absolutely FREE Gift Cards with Swagbucks! (Save for Birthday’s Christmas & More!)

I’m sure many of you have heard me talk highly about Swagbucks and may often see me remind you of the Mega Swagbucks Friday or Swagubucks codes as they are offered. However I know many may still be wondering “What is Swagbucks and what is all the hype about”?

Swagbucks is simply awesome it’s a free rewards program that lets you earn points which are called a Swagbuck by searching the web, shopping online, taking daily polls, watching Swagbucks TV and more.

It easy to accumulate Swagbucks and then trade them for prizes like Amazon gift cards, DVDs, video games and other cool items or gift cards. It only takes 450 Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card and you can easily earn 1 or 2 Amazon gift cards a month with just a few searches a day. I don’t spend much time on Swagbucks at all and I easily earn $100 in Amazon gift cards each year.

You use Swagbucks like Google, and when your doing random searches throughout the day you earn points. You can also watch video clips on the website, take polls among other things to keep earning more points. As you can see with all these ways to earn points you start earning very quickly.

I save my Swagbucks points to cash out for gifts or save them up all year and use this as my Christmas shopping money. If you would like to start earning absolutely FREE Gift Cards go check out Swagbucks today!

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