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Target Holiday Clearance Finds: 50% Off Santa Diapers, Holiday Baby Wipes, Elf on the Shelf & More – Sea of Savings

If you are like me after Christmas shopping is the best and right now you can find some amazing deals!! :-)  Target currently has the holiday clearance marked to 50% off right now and here are some deals you can find:

  • UP&UP Santa Diapers only $3.49 (These may or may not be marked but are ringing up at $3.49)
  • Holiday Baby Wipes Only $0.74
  • Elf on the Shelf only $15
  • Tidy Cats Winter Pine Litter 20lb jug only $3.87
  • Archer Farms Keurig Coffee Pods Only $6.00!

Be sure to scan the items you find because some items are not marked.  Let us know what bargains you find! :-)

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