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StubHub promo codesAre you frustrated that you never get your hands on the ‘good’ passes for concerts, even when you try to purchase the tickets the moment they go up for sale? Are you tired of being taken for a fool and getting rip-off rates for resale passes? Well, why don’t you try a StubHub promo code and save some extra cash while you are at it!

But what is StubHub you ask?

StubHub is an online marketplace where an exchange of all kinds of entertainment tickets, from theater tickets to concert tickets to tickets to sporting events takes place. It is a portal where tickets are available on resale and buyers are introduced to sellers and sellers are introduced to the consumer. An eBay subsidiary, StubHub has slowly become the largest online ticketing marketplace today across the globe. Apart from being a global marketplace, the special promo codes for StubHub make it a lucrative offer to buy tickets from StubHub.

Founded by two investment bankers, Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr (both Stanford Business School alumnus), StubHub was started in San Francisco back in the year 2000. Such was the interest it gathered over a short period that eBay acquired it in January 2007, a mere seven years since its inception.

As of today, StubHub is one of the most popular ticket reselling marketplaces in the world, thanks to the amazing StubHub promo codes. StubHub uses innovative tricks and schemes to draw hits and transactions to their clients. Some of them are to provide a guaranteed full refund if FedEx doesn’t deliver the tickets in time, to the conception of ‘Ticket Oak,’ a 25 foot animated talking tree, as their mascot, to the inception of the “Let Your Fan Out” campaign.

According to StubHub, their mission is to “provide fans a safe, convenient place to get tickets to the games, concerts, and theater shows they want to see, and an easy way to sell their tickets when they can’t go.”

StubHub can be termed to be a digital ticket scalper, a modern day middleman who helps two parties work towards an agreement on their own terms and then gets a commission for being a mediator between the two. Because of its user-friendly policies, tickets to all the major entertainment events are available on their website.

A word of caution – Even though the resale of tickets is legal in 38 states in the US, it is regulated under various conditions and laws in other 12 states (regulations that include a maximum limit to marking up the value of resale tickets). You should research the laws of the particular state you live in as well as the state the event is to be held in (if they are two different states), to ensure that buying or selling the tickets you are interested in is not illegal!

Using a StubHub promo code can do wonders to your budget. Say you have allocated a budget of $ 200 for a particular event you wish to watch, but couldn’t get your hands on the tickets for that particular event. The resale value of those tickets is about $ 270. Now, you have two choices:

  1. You fork over those extra 70 bucks and go for the event
  2. Decide you do not want to spend those extra 70 green ones and give the event a miss

Both choices are bleak, aren’t they? But, there is an option ‘c’ too.

Look for some StubHub promo codes and apply a 25% off promo code for StubHub to your order. Voila! The ticket, which was originally $270, will now just cost you $ 202.5. And forking over $2 & 50¢ is a lot better than forking over $ 70 extra, isn’t it?

It may seem too farfetched, but there are many promo codes for StubHub that can provide you with steal deals and amazing discounts. A ‘promo code StubHub’ Google search can fetch you a lot of promising results – all you need to do is try to apply them to your order, and who knows which one may end up working for you, taking your order from “unaffordable” to affordable in no time at all!

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