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CB2 couponA CB2 coupon is an excellent way to save some much-needed money on home décor and furnishings. These coupons are easy to use and can be utilized quite effortlessly.

CB2 is a sister concern of the modern furniture, housewares, and home accessories retail chain Crate & Barrel. CB2 was first launched in Chicago back in the year 200. Young adults looking for furniture for their first homes or 22-year-old newlyweds looking to start a new home are the primary customers for CB2. The first store was also initially stocked with a lot of smaller “fun” items.

Slowly, the bosses at Crate & Barrel realized that most young people preferred to rent their furniture in new homes and no one got married at 22 anymore! They also learned that even though the smaller fun items were a hit, they did not generate a high enough sales volume! In the end, they ran up losses and understood that a facelift was much needed.

Thus, the decision of a revamp was taken. The target audience was shifted from 20 to 22-year-olds, to shoppers aged anywhere from their late 20’s to their early 5os. This was made possible by the addition of a lot of chic and modern pieces at affordable rates, especially after using a CB2 coupon code.

Along with their fun quirky items, like Buddha statues, quirky printed rugs, wire flowers, etc., CB2 also stocks a lot of chic storage systems, sleek sofas, minimalistic home décor and classy furniture pieces. These can be available at great discounts, especially after applying CB2 coupons.

Today CB2 aims to cater to shoppers who wish to buy fun and creative furniture and modern housewares for apartments, homes, and lofts at extremely affordable prices that don’t burn a hole in your pocket!

There are several CB2 coupons codes available online, through which you can get yourself a few exciting deals. Two of the most commonly available codes are cb2 coupon code 15 or cb2 15 off coupon that provides you with a massive 15% discount on your purchase (s)! CB2 also has department specific or seasonal sales with anywhere from $10 to $100 off on select wares.

CB2 is often known to often run promotions where they provide free shipping for items purchased above a certain value (say, $ 999) or provide shipping at a flat 50% of the cost. They also run promotions where they offer a flat $ 4.95 shipping fee per order for selected items. Imagine the kind of money you would save on your purchase with these discounts and after applying CB2 coupons.

CB2 also accepts the Crate & Barrel credit card, automatically enrolling you in their reward program and earning you rewards for the purchases you make. So, when you use a CB2 coupon along with your Crate & Barrel credit card, not only do you get a discount, but you also earn reward points for your purchase! That’s what they call two birds in a single stone!

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