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New Years Eve Ideas for Kids

New Years Eve2

Christmas is over and everyone is looking forward to the New Year.  I love how the New Year brings the excitement out in little ones just as it does in us adults.  If you are looking for some FUN New Years Eve ideas for kids I’ve put together some fun but EASY ideas for staying home and celebrating in your family room with the kids.

Make some Noise

Kids love making noise and New Years Eve is all about noise so let them get it out of their system.  So grab some bubble wrap leftover from the packages at Christmas or head over to the Dollar Store for some noise makers! Buy some apple cider “champagne” and have a ball.

Get all Dressed up

Half of the FUN of going out on New Years Eve is getting all dressed up. So tell the kids to get dressed up and go out to dinner or you could host a fancy dinner party at your house with the neighbors or relatives.  Get some champagne glasses out and let the kids drink out of those.  Turn on the tunes and set an area in the house and that could be the dance floor.  The kids and adults I’m sure will have a blast! :-)

Keep it Low Key

At our house we love “family slumber parties” as we call it.  Make a it a low key night packed with FUN movies, order some pizza, pop some popcorn and the kids will have a blast.  If you are running low on energy this would also be a good way for you to get some much needed R&R. :-)

New Years Eve

Have a Balloon Drop

Blow up some balloons and either use a net or use a trash bag to hang some balloons in the corner.  Let these drop at midnight and have fun running through the balloons or bouncing them in the air.

Host a game night

Did you get a Wii or Xbox for Christmas? Have a marathon night of games.  Invite some neighbor kids over to join in the fun. You could even put a FUN wager on the games like movie theater candy prizes, coupons to get out of chores or more.

Whatever you decide to do have a fun and safe night.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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