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Back to the Basics: Stock up Prices for Dairy Items – Sea of Savings

We are continuing our Back to the Basics Series.  We have talked Toiletries which seem to be the easiest for most people just starting out and pantry items.  This week is all about Dairy, this list below represents the national average of prices on these items and what you should be able to get them at when combining coupons with a sale.

PLEASE just use this as a guide to shoot for and hopefully you can then start your own list as to what YOUR buy price is and what would be YOUR stock up price.

Please note some states do have dairy laws which prohibit you from using a coupon on dairy items.  So if you live in one of those states these prices will not apply. :(


  • Butter – $2.00 per pound
  • Cheese – $1.00 per 8 oz.
  • Coffee Creamer -$.50
  • Cream Cheese – $0.75 per pack
  • Dips $0.80
  • Eggs – $1.25 per dozen
  • Milk – $2.75 per gallon
  • Orange Juice, Gallon – $2.50
  • Sour Cream – $0.50 per 8 oz. container
  • Yogurt – $0.25 per container
  • Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1.00 per package

There is no need to print these out now, at the end of the series I will compile a printable list for you all.


How do your stock up prices compare?

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