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30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas! (Day 25)

I am continuing my series on 30 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas.  If you missed out on the previous posts you can go back and read them here.

I love this one as it’s getitng paid for something we all do anyway.

The National Consumer Panel home scan is accepting applicants for a very limited time! This is usually only open for a short while at a time since so many people want in on this great program. If you are accepted you will receive a scanner which you will use to track the different groceries and items you purchase and bring into your home.

In exchange for doing this, you can earn some great prizes such as electronics, toys, gift cards and it is totally free! 

Not everyone gets accepted, so if you do, be sure to give it a try! You can always return the scanner if you choose to no longer participate.  You can’t lose.

Here are some comments from Sea of Savings readers in the program now.

I was on the waiting list for 3 years and have now been scanning for over 1 year! Love it! The surveys are great too! I love saving those points for a really good prize of my choice!!!

I just received my scanner in the mail on Friday and cannot wait to go to the grocery store!

Be sure to check out the latest freebies and printable coupons and if your shopping online we now have a Online Coupons Code page that has any coupon code you need :-)

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